Velaikkaran Movie Review

Velaikkaran Movie Review by Youtubers

Velaikkaran Movie Review

Velaikkaran Review Video By Prashanth

Just He did Velaikkaran Movie Review. Prashanth Appreciated the Velaikkaran Tamil movie star Cast for their neat Performance. He Described the Movie Positive and Negative equally and mentioned Movie is strictly one-time watchable. He Rated the Velaikkaran in cinebee.

Velaikkaran Cinebee Rating – 65/100



Velaikkaran Moview Review Video By Madevan Behindwoods

He Started the Review as usual ” General ah General audience”. He conveyed the Review without spoiler but the thing is no one know can predict whether the movie is good or bad for his review. Madevan Described Velaikkaran is Good nor Bad or Bad nor Good. Again He Rated the Movie with Their Fancy Number.

Velaikkaran Behindwoods Movie Review – 2.75 / 5


Velaikkaran Movie Review by Tamil Talkies 

As usual, Maran Elaborated the Whole story of the movie with spoilers. Accidentally He started Review with Positive Note by the Way Typical Blue Shirt Guy Back to his Negative Tone as nothing in the movie. Finally, He ends up Velaikkaran Movie As One time Watchable.Even  One Time Watchable is a Rare Word from the man Maran.

Velaikkaran Tamil Talkies Maran Review: ONE TIME WATCHABLE.

Velaikkaran Movie Review by IndiaGlitz Bosskey

Typical Bosskey Review the movie as usual in his humorous style like what he does for other Tamil videos. Siva Karthikeyan’s abnormal growth in a short time With the League of Vijay Sethupathi.  He Explained What Each and Every Character doing in Movie and Revealing the Plot without any spoiler and Leakage. His Narration is totally on the Positive note that Jayam Raja Was on Back to Back  Hit after Thani Oruvan but also he mentioned the movie is not up to Thanioruvan. Bosskey Appreciated the Anirudh Excellence and also his Drawbacks. So Finally He Ends Up his Review as Much needed content with bit Low Energy.

Velaikkaran IndiaGlitz Movie Review: 3.25 / 5

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