Beautiful Hill Stations in Tamilnadu

Beautiful Hill Stations in Tamilnadu

Beautiful Hill Stations in Tamilnadu Everyone Must visit

Lots of Hill Lovers in the World. In that Tamilnadu is the Best Place for Hill stations. In this Post, we Going to see Beautiful Hill Stations in Tamilnadu. Everyone Should Visit at least Once to feel the Real Calm and Beautiness. We Cover all Hill stations Located in Tamilnadu. Let see

List of 7 Main Hill Stations in Tamilnadu

1. Ooty

Places to visit in ooty in 2 days

Ooty is One of the Famous Hill stations in south India which is Located in Tamilnadu. Udagamandalam is Tentatively Calling As Ooty. Where Ooty is Considered as a Queen of Hills. The height of the Mountain is 2,240 m and it’s a Tallest Hill Station in Tamil Nadu. 15 Degree Celsius is the Ooty’s Average Temperature for The Year. Those Who Planning to Visit Ooty Trip. You Don’t Have Any Idea about Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days. Take a Look at the List of Best Places to Visit in Ooty.

places to visit in Ooty in 2 Days

1. Ooty Lake

2. Pine Forest

3. Pyakara Dam and Falls

4. Rose Garden

5. Ketti Valley View Point.

6. Botanical Gardens

7. Dotabetta Peak

8. Wenlock Downs

9. Kamraj Sagar

10. Tribal Museum

2. Kodaikanal

Places to visit in kodaikanal in 2 days

Kodaikanal is the Princess of Hill Stations. It is an Important Hill Station in Tamil Nadu where Maximum Number of Tourist Visits Every Year After Ooty. The Height of The Kodaikanal Mountain is 6,998 Feet ( 2,133 m). The Average Temperature of  Kodaikanal is 16 Degree Celsius For the Year. Kodaikanal is Full Covered with Forest and Trees. The Hill Looks So Dark Even on Day Light. Best Tourist spot in Tamilnadu is None Other than Kodaikanal. There are So many Places to Visit in Kodaikanal in 2 Days. Actually, 2 Days is Not Enough to Cover Kodaikanal.

places to visit in Ooty in 2 Days

1. Kukkal Caves

2. Boating

3. Coakers Walk

4. Berijam Lake

5. Poombarai Village

6. Kurinji Andavar Temple

7. Pine Forest

8. Pillar Rocks

9. Museum

10. Silent Valley

11. Vettakanal Falls

12. Guna Cave

13. Mannavanur Lake

3. Yercaud

Places to visit in yercaud in 2 days

Yercaud is Situated in Salem District in Tamilnadu. The Height Of the Mountain is 1,623 m (5,325 ft). The Average Temperature For Yercaud is 17 Degree Celsius. Yercaud is Consider as a Best Hill station After Ooty and Kodaikanal. The Peoples in and Nearby Salem districts who Frequently Visits Yercaud. Even Yercaud is Hitting the Visitors From All Over India. Lots of Tourist Places to Visit in Yercaud in 2 days or Even It take 3 Days.

Tourist Places to Visit in Yercaud in 2 days

1. Pagoda Point

2. Yercaud Lake

3. Kiliyur Waterfalls

4. Deer’s Park

5. Kottachedu Teak Forest

6. Anna Park

7. Orchidarium

8. The Serveroyan Temple

9. 32 Km Loop Road

4. Valparai Hills

Places to visit in valparai

Valparai Hill is Located in Coimbatore District of Tamilnadu. The Height of the Valparai Hill is 3500 feet ( 1100m ). The Average Temperature For Hill is 15 Degree in Winter 18 to 24 Degree in Summer. Valparai Looks Like a Beautiful Scenery Mode. There are Lots if Places to Visit in Valparai. The average Tourist Count is Very Low for Valparai Compared to Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud. Even though some of the Hilly Lovers Frequently Visiting Valparai. We Look out a Some of Best Places in Valparai to Visit.

Places to Visit in Valparai

1. Loam’s Viewpoint

2. Sholayur Dam

3. Aliyur Dam

4. Koolangal River

5. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

6. Grass Hills

7. Nirar Dam

8. Chinnakallar Waterfalls

9. Nallamudi View Point

10. Balaji Temple

5. Vellaingiri Hills

Places to visit in velliangiri

Vellaingiri Hills Situated at Western Ghats Border Near Coimbatore District. Peoples who Visiting Vellaingiri hill are More Spiritual. Peoples trusting that there is a Special Spirituality Power in Vellaingiri Mountain. The Height of Vellaingiri Hill is 1,778 m ( 5,833 ft ). The Average Temperature on Vellaingiri Hill is  10 – 15 Degree Celsius in winter and 18 to 24 Degree Celsius in summer. Some of the Beautiful Spiritual Places to Visit in Velaingiri Hills and Also Its a Good Place for Sight Seeing and Trekking.

Places to Visit in Velaingiri Hills

1. Adhi yoga Statue.

2. Kovai Kutralam.

3. Dhyanalinga Temple.

4. Siruvani Falls, Reservoir and Dam.

5. Dhoni Waterfalls

6. Kava

6. Kolli malai hills

Places to visit in kolli malai ( kolli hills )

Kolli malai is call as Kolli Hills. Like vellaingiri Hills Kolli hills ( kolli malai ) also consider as a spiritual Moutain. Kolli hills are Located in Salem District. There are Lots of farm Products Like Tea, Pineapple, Black pepper and Spices are Manufacturing From Kolli malai. Ayurvedic Oils are Making from trees and Leafs available from Kolli hills. Therefore Kolli malai is the best place for trekking and Falls. There are few sightseeing Places also available on Kolli malai Let see the List.

Places to Visit in Kolli hills ( kolli malai )

1. Agayagangai Waterfalls.

2. Arpaleeshwar Temple.

3. Masila falls.

4. Kolli hills boathouse.

7. Yelagiri Hills

Places to visit in Yelagiri hills

Yelagiri is the small mountain situated in Vellore district of Tamilnadu. The height of the yelagiri hill is 1110.6 m. It is the best tourist spot for short-term tourism like one or two days. The Average Temperature in Yelagiri is 15 – 18 Degree Celsius in Winter and 19 – 24 Degree Celsius in Summer. Yelagiri hill is the Only Hill in Vellore District and Yelagiri is the Only Tourist Place Near Chennai. Some of The Nice Tourist Places to Visit in Yelagiri are In List Below. some Are Visiting Yelagiri For Trekking.

Places to Visit in Yelagiri

1. Punganoor Lake Park.

2. Nature Park.

3. Jalamagambarai Waterfalls.

4. Swami Malai Hills.


These are the List of Tourist Hill Stations in Tamilnadu. Tourists who Planning to Visit Hill Stations Refer the sight List and Take A Trip.

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