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Karma – The Explanation Of Good Karma and Bad Karma

What is Karma?

Karma is Nothing But the one who does well Things follow by Good thing happen to him. If he Supposes done a Bad Things Follow by bad Things Happen to Him“. Is karma symbol Really there? No There is Nothing Like Named Karma Symbol. Some Follow Their Best symbols as Karma Symbols. Now Got Idea about What is Karma But We Don’t Know the Fact Who Deciding Which is Good Karma? Which is Bad Karma? Interesting Right? That’s what We going to Discuss on this Topic. 

History Of Karma

Karma is the Word Determines the behaviour of Human Beings, Karma is only For Human Beings? Definitely No By Philosophy it is For All Living Organisms Who Lives in the World. Karma Is a Believing Source by Humans from Many Decades Still Now.

Where Is Karma Started Following?

Karma is Started Following in India Even Before naming the Country as India. At that time People in Unnamed Country (India) Believes Only in Karma. Those Peoples only Intention is “Doing Good Things Leads to Good Life Where Bad Things Leads to Poor Life“. So Only Our Ancestors are So Kind then us we are Right Now.

Good Karma With Examples

After Hearing the Word Our Brain will Start to Replicate that by Doing Good things Will Get Good Karma. It’s not a Good Karma. What We should not do to get Good Karma is “If Some One Make to Suffer others on a Small Note“. This Will Not lead to Good Karma. If you do not understand What Am telling Please See Few Examples Below.

Good Karma Example 1:

If Someone Travelling in Car, In road There is an accident between Two wheelers and Lorry. The Lorry man Hit the 2 Wheeler and He Fells Down. His Head Got Damage where he struggling with Dangerous Condition in Road. Everyone Waiting for Ambulance. He can save if he goes Hospital in 20 Minutes. But Ambulance takes 20 Minutes to Reach the Spot. In the Spot 2 Vehicles, Available one Is Car and One More is Accident Lorry. Here Who Get Good Karma and Who Get Bad Karma. Let See

Good Karma and Bad Karma

Shocking Right? Let See Example in Brief. Where No one makes Accident in Intention. So no Problem With Lorry Driver. Some may ask Me Lorry Driver may Help the Guy to Rush Hospital Using his Lorry. As per our Government Rules after Accident, the Vehicles Should not Move From Accidental Spot. So He didn’t Recieve Both good and Bad Karma. Suppose the Lorry Driver Hit the men and If  He Escaped From the Spot with Out stopping the Lorry. He Must Recieve the Negative Karma.

So why 4 wheeler Receives the Negative Karma? He can Help the Accidental Men to Hospital in 15 Minutes before the Ambulance Arrival. But He simply Sight-Seeing The spot. So sure He will receive the Negative Karma.

Accidental Guy Receives the Postive Karma as he having no issues.

I think You all Understand about Good Karma, Examples Will be Keep Updated.

Let see about Bad Karma.

Bad Karma With Examples:

Bad Karma is Doing Bad things Physically, Mentally and Intentionally. World’s Total Population is 7.6 Billion. Am Sure that all 7.6 billion Peoples Will have Negative Karma. In Total, 7.6 billion Peoples Majority of Peoples will Top the Position in Receiving the Negative Karma By doing the Bad things Mentally. Yes, Peoples, Thoughts are So Bad Nowadays then Physical Bad things. No one will Like If someone is Good. I know Those Who Reading this Topic Will Feel the Real True. Let See Division of Negative Karma With Few Examples.

Immediate Karma

We get an Immediate Slap From Nature if We do Bad things which are Known as Immediate Karma. We can Say it as Short Term Karma.

Examples of Immediate Karma

If someone Copied on Examination. He Will Caught Immediately in No time.

Someone Thefts he Caught Immediately then he Gets Punishment at a Time.

The first day the Guy Will Go Bike Race on a Public Road by suffers the Peoples. The second Day He caught Accident on Race Itself.

Accumulated Karma

Someone Does a Continuous Mistake in his Life but He will not be caught for so Long. By the End, he Caught One Day finally at important hike time in his Life. It is considered as an Accumulated Karma. Let we Discuss same Examples of Immediate Karma how it Changes for Accumulated Karma.

Examples of Accumulated Karma

If someone Copied on Examination. He will not Catch Immediately. He will be safe all time in all normal term Examinations. but he finally gets caught on Important Final Examinations. Where his Whole Life will get Spoil.

Thief will be Happy with His Theft Collections for a Years. He is safe When he theft Expensive Products but Finally he gets Caught on Thefting a Useless Product. It is the Best Example of Accumulated Karma.

Bike Race guy Will be happy Racing on Public Road for a Years. Once He Walking on Same Road will Get Accident.

Incarnation Karma

A Total Sin and Blessings of Humans is Calculated once we die. If Sin is More than Blessings. Then the Karma will continue in next Incarnation is Incarnation Karma. This is More severe than All other Karma. It will Chase Generation to Generation.

Good Karma and Bad Karma

Good Karma and Bad Karma are Followed by Religions in Past Decades. Which Religions Started Following Karma in India? Let see some of the Religions and How They Started Believing Karma.

Karma in Hinduism

karma in hinduism

The People of India Started Praying Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars First. Then Started Praying 5 Panchas Water, Fire, Air, Sky and Land. They Felt Nature Has Ultimate Control. Peoples Believe that Nature takes Care of all Karma’s Reactions. Also, They Believe nature is Camera. No one Escape From Nature. So they Started Treating Karma Equally with Nature. So in this Way Karma in Hinduism Formed and Started spreading Among Peoples. This how Karma Hinduism is Sustaining Still Now among Hindus.

Karma in Buddhism

karma in buddhism

Karma Buddhism is Formed Similarly and Simultaneously equal at the Same time of when Karma Hinduism started. Both Karma and Karmaphala was Followed by Buddhism. They Are trusting those Equal to God Still Now. Where Karma in Buddhism is a Still Following Culture in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Karma in Jainism

Karma in Jainism is Totally different From Hinduism and Buddhism. Jainism Connect Karma With Cosmos and Planets. They Treat Karma Equal to god. They Following It From Long Decades. The Years Cant Even Measure how long the Karma in Jainism is been Followed.

Final Words

I hope you all Get a Good Data On the Karma Topic that We covered. But one thing is sure The Topic which is happened after 1900 only will have 100 Percent accurate data. Happening below 1800 Will not be Trustful and the Information may be True or False.

We are Covering Must Needed Topic Like this. Please Bookmark our Website for More Future Updates.

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