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Science Tricks Using Liquid and Water

Ten Science Tricks Using Liquid

Science Tricks Video Here ⬎


The 10 Science Tricks Was Done in the Video Above for The Explanation Below

  1. Very First Science Tricks using Steel ball, Ball container and Honey, The Steel ball was placed inside the ball container with honey and it made to fall on the slope. But the Science fact behind is ball getting Pause in its speed.
  2. The Second Trick using Black Painting on Paper and With Water Bottle makes the Fire.
  3. Fill the Water in Zipper Bag and make the hole using Pencil then you will get shocked after realising that water is not leaked outside.
  4. Look the Tricks using Empty Bottle, Dish Soap, Vegetable Oil, Dark Corn Syrup, Isopropyl Alcohol and Water. Fill the all solution in Bottle and Feel the magic.
  5. The Next Trick with Glass, Glycerin and Bottle, Place the Glass and Glycerin inside the bottle and feel the magic of Invisible Glass.
  6. Sixth Trick With Corn Starch, Audio system, Plastic Bag and Water. Mix up Cornstarch and water until it gets thick. Now Place in the Plastic bag at the Delivery of Audio System. Then can see the real magic of Dancing starch.
  7. Nice Science Tricks With Hot Water, Cold Water, Two glasses and Food Colouring Compounds. Mix the Each Glass of Water with Food Colour and Feel the Individuality of Water Colour.
  8. Keep the pan on hot stove Leave the water inside. There is a Leidenfrost Effect who could see in Video. Please take the look.
  9. The Reverse Illusion Science Tricks. The Experiment With Design on Paper, Glass and Water. Fill The Water in Glasses with Background Paper and Read the Reverse Illusion.
  10. Equipment is Food colouring, wide Glass, Pipettes, Small Glasses and Clips. Fill the Water in Glass and insert the wide Glass inside and place the clip on the glass. Take Small Amount of Water on Three Small Glasses and add Drops of Food Colouring. Using the Pipette absorb the coloured water and release on Clipped Glass with paper at the bottom of the glass you could see the Paint on Real Paper.


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