bermuda triangle explanation

Bermuda Triangle Explanation Still a Mystery

Bermuda Triangle Explanation Solved by Mind Unsolved by Theory

Bermuda Triangle is the biggest mystery still now among the peoples of the world. The small triangle shaped sea surface between Florida and Bermuda is the Bermuda triangle. Those are full of suspense and mystery. Lots of ships and Flights were disappeared when they reach that spot. In the modern science Technology still, now there is no Perfect clue. Some scientists are telling Pressure is so high in that spot and few more telling some other reasons. Much Needed Bermuda Triangle Explanation Below.

Much Mythological Explanation is given by lots of youtubers. Few giving Assumptions that Bermuda triangle is Fully Rule by Aliens Society. If Anyone Crossing Their Area they will be demolished Severely.

One Should Understand that Finding and Solving Hidden Myths are not For Famous. How Can we Accept the truth when comes as the word from the human being like us.

Many Can Predict He is the god, she is the god. Finally, the question arrives is it true?. Humans can predict the errors in the computer, Machine, Even Human body and also in climatic condition. but it is possible to predict Earthquake? The number of planets in space? who is the god? Who is the Ghost? Like the same Question Arrives for Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle is the Natures Myth Until we going with the camera inside Triangle. Unless We cant find Whats Happening Inside. Sadly while entering Itself we will die as per past incidents.

Bermuda Triangle Incidents are True?

Can We trust those Science News?

May we Believe Bermuda Triangle Explanation by Scientists?

Nearly 10 More Incidents are Recorded on Bermuda Triangle So Far, which is Really True or its a kind of Rumour?

Few Aircrafts and Ships Was Hidden Once it Reaches The Spot at Years 1880 to 1900. Not Having Exact Data Where Years are Approximate.

No News about Navy Flights which Went at 1918. Can’t Able to find Whether it’s Drenched in Sea Water or not?

Like the Wise same type of incidents Recorded at 1919, 1921, 1945, 1948, 1949, 1955 and 1963.

Let we Keep aside about incidents Just We Go further About Facts.

We are trusting the thing which happened in 16th 17th century. but we hesitate to accept what happened in the 19th and 20th century.

There are Media and Press release Confirmed incidents. Let we Leave what happened in 1880 to 1950. We must trust at least after 1950. After 1950 Technolgy was Improved a lot to declare.

We come to the conclusion that Majority of Scientist are creating the  New Dimensions to prove they are right on Bermuda Triangle Explanation. If Nasa doesn’t show us the solar system picture or video. we might not trust the planets. Likewise, Peoples are not Ready to believe until there is a Serious Proof Exist.

Let see Still how long is the mystery going to continue?

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