Village Food Factory

Village Food Factory A Glimpse Of Old Man

 Village Food Factory By Old Man

The 60 Year Tamil Old man Trending  Worldwide for a keyword KFC Chicken. Village Food Factory is One Of the Very Well famous cooking channels on youtube. The man Behind the Lens is old man’s son who tried to work for assistant director but finally, he turned out to to be a youtube director as well DOP. This video got 19 million views on youtube which is second highest on Top 10 youtube videos in 2017.

The Both Father and son doing Rounds on Youtube with Lakhs of money,  Millions of subscribers and overall the channel got nearly 150 million views Like a piece of Cake. Best wishes Village Food Factory team.


More Exclusive Videos From Village Food Factory Channels Are

  1. Fish Biriyani Prepared by Old Man – 202k Views.
  2. 1000 chicken Hearts Prepared by Old Man – 187k Views.
  3. Old Man Prepared the Parrot Fish – 747k
  4. Grill Goat – 959k
  5. A very Big Omelette – 1.7 M
  6. 100 chicken Pizza – 802k.
  7. 10Kg Chicken 65 – 925k.
  8. King Rooster – 7M.
  9. Full biriyani – 4.5 M.
  10. Rabbit Roast – 6.3M.
  11. Turkey biriyani – 2M.
  12. Prawn Biriyani – 874k.
  13. KFC chicken Prepared by Old Man – 21M.

Old Man Named Arumugam Getting Over Whelming Performance Day by Day. Each Day He is Getting Nearly 4000 Subscribers without a big Effort.  Village Food Factory Channel Average Monthly Views is 7 Million. The Estimated Income Will be 3k to 7k Dollars.

Channel Right now Crossed the one Million Views Like a piece of Cake. Each Day the Growth of Channel Rising Like Eiffel Tower and Impression Ratio are quite constant.

Hard work Village Man with his best Brilliant cooking Tactics and innovative Video Making leads the Bright Future to the village Food Factory Team with Highest Number of  Views For the KFC Chicken Video.

He Started as Small youtuber one Year before. Now he is one of the Top Youtuber in India.

We Appreciate the Arumugam and His son For their Great Cooking Channel and Praising Your Service Should continue Forever.

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